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The S Project

Nor Cal Performance Golf Center is proud to bring you a specialized class presented by Jeff Palmer to help improve club head speed by as much as 10mph.

About The S Project

The stabilze, speed, strength class has been in development for about six months and is constantly evolving to continue to make the training as efficient as possible. It started as research was showing that most people have plenty of speed and strength, but without the ability to stabilize it can not be utilized in an efficient manner.

Take The Class!

All Ages Welcome!

Wednesday: 4:30pm
Saturday: 12:30pm

About Jeff Palmer

Jeff Palmer has dedicated immense research and dedication that has amounted to the teachings you find in the S project. He has numerous awards and accolades as well as a passion for helping golfers improve their golf game.

PGA Quarter Century Member
PGA member since 1991
Professional of the Year San Joaquin Valley Chapter PGA (SJVC) 2017
Junior Golf Development Award SJVC PGA 2015
Player of the Year SJVC PGA 2014
Junior Leader of the Year SJVC PGA 2012
Teacher of the Year SJVC PGA 2010
Certified Program Director, The First Tee

Increase Club Head Speed

Immediate Clubhead speed gains of 3-5 mph are common with some golfers gaining 10+. As one continues in the program the gains become permament, consistency increases rapidly, and many who have aches and pains after golfing, begin to notice those diminish greatly.

Backed by Research

It started as research was showing
that most people have plenty of speed and strength, but without the ability to stabilize it can not be utilized in an efficient manner. From there the research was showing that the ability to stabilize the body came from having a strong and healthy fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that covers the entire body, head to toe. The only way to strengthen it is to do movements that are variable and unstable. That is why there is a lot of chain and rope swinging.

For All Ages & Abilities

No matter how one swings or technique they may be following the class will truly increase the performance and enjoyment of anyone’s game. Beginner to tour player, junior to senior.

Happy Students

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